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Retail Display Fixtures and Shelves Tips

Use the following tips for creating eye-catching presentations and maximizing sales with the help of Handy-brand retail display fixtures and shelves from Gondola World:

  1. Maximize space. Because they are two-sided, gondola retail display fixtures can help you maximize space while your products remain attractive to buyers.
  2. Keep your store neat. One of the fastest ways to turn off a customer is to have messy shelves and an overall dirty store. It costs nothing to make sure that product remains neatly stacked on the shelves and that everywhere the potential buyer walks and touches stays clean.
  3. Use color to your advantage. Of course, the product manufacturers will assist in this area with their skill in packaging design. So, use the color packaging to create order and balance on shelving. However, if you are working with one color, remember that contrast works best: Use black shelving for lightly colored products and white shelving for dark merchandise.
  4. Give shoppers a clear view of products. Use slatwall or perforated board with coordinating hooks for the narrow inside aisles because it gives a more open viewing area. Save the top-to-bottom shelving for the wider outside aisles. The bottom shelf merchandise will be easier to see with this arrangement.
  5. Give your store a polished appearance. Remember that retail display shelves and end units give a finished look to your gondola retail display fixtures and, in turn, makes your store have a polished, more upscale appearance.
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